Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Charles Kane: From a Man to a Woman to a Man Again

British property tycoon Charles Kane was born Sam Hashimi; an ambitious alpha male who made millions developing property. After the collapse of his 12-year marriage he experienced a complete mental breakdown and fell into severe depression and confusion. During that time, he questioned everything including his sexuality. Believing that he was a transsexual, he underwent several cosmetic enhancements and a sex-change operation to become glamorous blonde, Samantha Kane. However, after seven years of living as a beautiful and successful interior designer, Sam realized that he really wanted to be a man. Thus, he had his breast implants removed, went through three operations to reconstruct his manhood and changed his name from Samantha to Charles Kane.

Sam Hashimi with ex-wife Trudi


Some interesting insights from the chap who has seen the best of both worlds:

"Trudi was in my eyes the perfect woman, she was the love of my life, but I was a typical man who concentrated too much on my work and not enough on my family.

"I thought that if I gave her a nice house and she had plenty of money to spend at Harrods, she'd be happy, but she wasn't," says Charles who also admits he had a couple of affairs during his marriage.


"At first it was very enjoyable being a woman, especially being a beautiful woman in business.

"People notice you and it is much easier to make your presence felt at a meeting. I was flattered by the attention.

"I became much more creative as a person, and less aggressive. Whereas, once as a man it had taken me seconds to make a decision, I would think things through much more carefully, weighing up all the options before deciding what to do.

"People completely underestimate the effect of male and female hormones. Speaking from my own experience, they affect every part of your life, physically and emotionally.

"And then there is the sex. As a man, sex was a very physical and more enjoyable experience, but as a woman it was much more dependent on my mood and emotions.

"As a man, I thought about sex every day, but as a woman if I hadn't had sex for a couple of months I wasn't really bothered.

"Sex as a woman isn't as good anyway. It is not as intense."


"The worst part about being a woman is being treated as a sex object. I became very irritated when men I was just not interested in kept coming up to me with the worst chat-up lines I'd ever heard," says Charles.

Even though I was a woman physically, in many ways I felt I still had a male brain. I was still interested in the world, what was happening, current affairs, business and sport, but the women I mixed with didn't share that interest to the same degree.

"In fact, I found being a woman rather shallow and limiting. So much depends on your appearance, at the expense of everything else. I wasn't interested in shopping.

"My female friends would spend hours shopping for clothes, trying on different outfits. "But having been a man I knew exactly what would suit me and appeal to men. I could walk into a shop and be out again in five minutes with the right dress.

"Nor have I ever been interested in celebrity magazines or the things that interest other women, but when I tried to talk to men about blokey things they didn't take me seriously.


"Something else I found difficult to cope with were the moods and depression which I believe were caused by taking the female hormone oestrogen.

"As a man, I was never depressed. If something bothered me, I would simply shrug it off and move on. As a woman, I felt as if I was on a rollercoaster of emotion.

"A disagreement with a boyfriend or friend would affect my mood for days."


Er, I guess that's why they say Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus ;-)

Here's the full story from Mail Online

photo source: Mail Online



Tomas Nielsen said...

Interesting reading about the Charles Kane guy. Seems interesting to have seen everything from two perspectives!

Jenny Beattie said...

I keep coming back to this story. Something tells me I should meet Charles myself; If ever he wants a shoulder to lean on, I'm available!


Hey there, Jenny Beattie.

Thanx for posting a comment. Yeah, I agree, Charles Kane is quite a character. Lots of luck on your quest ;-)



hello Tomas Nielsen,

your xconnector is a lot of help for us bloggers. ty much!


Someone in the know... said...

This guy is a fraudster and a con-artist.... He talks himself up as a tycoon, a jet-setter, and all the rest of it, but none of it is true.. He is a fantasist, blaming everyone else for his inablity to cope with life and his own failures and dishonesty...

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with all these comments. Why wasn't the Internet available when I transitioned. It was the most idiotic and insane thing I could ever have done. I lost my home, my job, my family and grand children and have become completely abandoned, no love, no cuddles, no sex and my recent girlfriend dumping me, because my emotions have been wrecked. Gender change has wreked my life.

Have met him! said...

Have met Charles and can say he is utterly unpleasant, dishonest, and abusive... He is a tax-dodger, and a fraud.... with a "victim" mentality.... A fascinating character yes! But not what he makes himself out to be....

doctorwolfie said...

I wonder how much therapy this person had before gender reassignment? Most TG people that I know have a firm conviction from an early age; the reasons this person gives are NOT typical of most transgendered people. Most M2F people that I know don't really care about "blokey things", and he should have discovered more about the appropriateness for his gender reassignment if he truly had the real life experience and enough counselling. Although his penis probably doesn't work as well, he actually looks better now (his new wife agrees.) Rich people usually get what they want; if he didn't follow the standard-of-care guidelines, he only has himself to blame. Furthermore, his attitudes about what it means to be a woman are offensive; not all women love shopping!

Kano said...

He's a cunt....